Sunday, June 23, 2013

Rocky Mouth Waterfall Rappel

Unlike the swirling sandstone waterfalls of southern Utah, Rocky Mouth Canyon is more of a European style slot through granite. Bring the whole family up to look at the waterfall and have a picnic or for the more adventurous, pack your rappelling gear and rappel down the waterfall.
Be sure to check out the video below!

There are two rappels, the first is about 60 feet and the second is about 70. For the skilled canyoneer, the first rappel can be downclimbed with very little exposure (when the water is low). For everyone else, you can set up an anchor off of a tree at the top of the falls. Whether downclimbing or rappelling, be very careful as the rocks are extremely slippery. The second rappel is anchored off of a chockstone under a massive boulder in the middle of the stream bed. On the first rappel your feet may get a little wet, but on the second rappel you will be right in the falls and will get soaked. On a 90 degree day in the middle of June this was not a problem, but in spring or fall you will probably want a wetsuit. Bring at least 15 feet of webbing and a couple of quick links. You will likely have to set up your own anchors for the first rappel, and you may need to replace the anchors for the second rappel. You will also want at least a 50 meter dry rope.

Directions: There is a signed parking area at 11300 S Wasatch Boulevard in Sandy since parking is not allowed at the actual trailhead. From the parking area, take the steps up to the road above and follow the road to the right. The trail is marked with a sign on the right after a few hundred yards. Follow the trail a quarter mile to the waterfall. To get to the top of the waterfall, follow the gully on the left (north) side of the stream up the hill. The trail leads up, then back to the right, and then down the hill to the top of the falls. You will be able to see where you want to go and route finding is very easy. From the bottom of the waterfall we were able to reach the top in about 15 minutes moving at an easy pace. The whole thing will take about two hours round trip.

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