Thursday, June 20, 2013

Boundary Canyon to Kolob Canyon

If you can't get a permit for one of the canyons in Zion's, you might consider Boundary Canyon. It doesn't require a permit because the technical section is just outside of the national park, hence the name. The technical section in Boundary is pretty short, but is a lot of fun. There are eight rappels all very close to one another and then you can enjoy a nice stroll down the rest of Boundary Canyon to Kolob Canyon. 
Be sure to check out the video below.

The walk through of Kolob Canyon along the route is a bonus that we weren't expecting. It is similar to the Narrows, but even more spectacular in my opinion. The exit to this route is not so cool however. By far the most difficult exit hike for any slot canyon I've done. The silver lining in the MIA exit was that the trail was easy to follow the whole way.  

Doing some bush whacking on our way to the start of the canyon.

Looking down the canyon from the start. Amazing how it went from a 
stream bed to a 600 foot deep canyon in less than a quarter mile. 


Caleb doing an Australian rappel.

Finally made it back to the car after 11 hours.
(We took our time going though the technical section) 

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