Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Alpine Pond Bike Jump

The jump got bulldozed at the end of August last year. If anybody goes up there and it's been rebuilt, please shoot me an email and let me know.

If you feel comfortable riding a bike down a hill, you are capable of going off of this jump. All you need to do is stay on the bike down the hill, steer toward the jump, and let go of the handle bars once you're in the air. Once you start riding down the hill, there's no turning back, no using the brakes; you have to be committed. Trying to bail at the last second is where people get hurt. 

 Or if you're Eric you don't even need a bike, just your Nikes.

We made the mistake of getting a piece of junk children's bike with coaster brakes, and it fell apart after two rides. We recently purchased a legitimate BMX bike from a pawn shop for $40 and will be going back soon. Video to follow.

Take Exit 284 toward Highland/Alpine and go 5.5 miles. Turn left onto 5300 West, continue onto South Main Street and go about 2.5 miles. Turn left onto Fort Canyon Road and after 1 mile, you will see dirt turnouts on both sides of the road and a gated dirt road on the left. I've seen cops give tickets for parking there which I don't understand, but you may want to park on one of the turnouts a few hundred yards earlier and walk up the rest of the way. The dirt road on the left that I mentioned is the trail that leads up to the Natural Water Slide and the bike jump into the pond. Hike up the dirt road until you hit a paved road. Turn left on the paved road and keep going. You will come upon two forks, keep right at both of them. When the pavement ends and turns into a dirt road, there will be a small trail on the left which leads up through the trees to the natural water slides. If you keep going straight, cross the stream, and continue for a few hundred yards, you will come upon the pond with the bike jump on your right.
Things to bring:
A BMX bike that's been retrofitted to float: you'll probably want to test this in a pool beforehand because one water noodle isn't going to cut it. We used a water noodle, two empty gallon milk containers, and a lot of duct tape.
Tools: wrenches, pliers, hex key set, etc. for fixing anything that may go wrong while you're up there.
Water: it's a bit of a hike and it get's pretty hot.
Camera: you're going to want some proof to show your friends.

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