Sunday, September 30, 2012

Man vs Mud 2012

 After running the Utah Spartan Beast this last year, I became obsessed with obstacle racing. It is just way more fun than conventional racing. I came across this Man vs Mud race and signed up. It was no Spartan Beast, but it was a lot of fun. It's up in Wellsville, Utah (near Logan) every year at the start of fall semester. It is what they call a "non-competitive race." That's an oxymoron if I ever heard one. They have one competitive heat on the first day of the race, but it is only for teams of four. As far as the course goes, it is a 5k (3.1 miles) with 30 obstacles. The obstacles are more fun than challenging and any of them can be skipped if you wish. There were slip n' slides, mud pits, rope nets to climb, a river to cross on unstable inflatable bridges, and more. 

Slip n' slide into a mud pit at the finish line. 

I ran the course as fast as I could, and finished first in the early heat in 26 minutes. For someone who did cross country and track in high school, I can't run a race without going all out. There were other people running all out as well, so at least I had some competition. Unfortunately there's no award for first place since it's a "non-competitive race."  It was a blast and I'll probably run it again next year. Who knows, maybe they'll have an individual competitive heat. 

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