Sunday, August 26, 2012

Canal Skurfing in Spanish Fork

I should start off by saying that this is illegal, it is trespassing, and you will get caught. At least that is what I am supposed to say. We were there when a water management service truck pulled up, told us we were trespassing, that it was dangerous, and then said to be careful. Since he just told us to be careful and didn't tell us to leave, we kept doing it. About ten minutes later, the sheriff pulled up. The guy had called us in and hadn't told us to leave so that we'd still be there when the cops got there. Entrapment. The sheriff said they'd been giving out warnings before, but that they had to get serious sometime and we would be the first to be written up. We got trespassing citations and have to call for a court date in a week. What luck. Trespassing fines are usually around $400. Definitely one of my more expensive adventures. First possible lesson to be learned: don't trespass. Second possible lesson: if you do trespass, leave when water management trucks come by. Third possible lesson: if you go, go at night.

 Standing in the water at the start.

 Backing up on the rope to the handle.

 Finally got the handle.

 The water below the drop.

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We did it on a section of the canal that drops down a few feet abruptly causing the water there to flow about 15 miles an hour. This is just fast enough to keep you afloat on a board, in our case a wakeskate. Getting on the board was the most difficult part and was done more easily with someone in the water with you helping hold the board until you could get both feet on it. Above the drop the water is about two feet deep and below, it is probably closer to three or four. There are no turbines in the churning water below so you can safely fall and shoot out to the other side. There is a chance of getting caught in a whirlpool, but the water is not very deep and as long as you're still conscious you should be able to get out. Do it at your own risk of getting caught or killed. 

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