Monday, July 23, 2012

Skiing...Without Snow.

If you are ever craving a little downhill skiing and you find yourself saying "I can't wait until winter," then don't wait. Pick up a $5 pair of skis from a thrift store and head to the mountains even if they're bone dry. All you need is a decent incline. Trust me, your skis will go faster than you are comfortable going on grass and rocks and dirt. While you're at the thrift store, pick up a nice sports coat so at least you look classy while making a fool of yourself. If you happen to be in the Provo area, I might suggest the enormous mountain right off the highway going down into Deer Creek Reservoir. If you've driven up Provo Canyon to Deer Creek Reservoir, you've seen it. While you're there, you might enjoy a nice calm float from the dam (turn off after mile marker 17) down to Vivian Park.
 Here's the top 1/4 of the hill. See if you can find Caleb and me in this picture.

Caleb and me looking classy for our river rafting.

Alex and Caleb with our air mattresses.

Video courtesy of Youtube user calebsl1. Subscribe to his Youtube channel to see more.

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