Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wakeboarding, Skiing, Tubing, Four Wheeling in Coalville

After spending a weekend in Coalville, I feel like a local. I know Tommy and Ronny, I know how to get to Dave's if you want to rent a movie, I even know where make out point is. We also got to experience the Coalville night life, going to the trains, the creepiest church in the history of the world in Echo, and Stoners' Tunnel. 
Anyway, here's why we actually went up to Coalville. 

 I didn't land it in case you were wondering.

Dan tearing it up on his first time wakeboarding.

Steph getting some serious air on the skis.

Brittany getting up on the wakeboard on her first try, what a pro.

Just a little extreme tubing. I'll have you know I came out of that barrel roll and kept going. 
My shorts may have almost come off however.

Four Wheeling up at Steph's cabin.

 Yes I was wearing a hard hat. We'd just finished working on the 
railroad, and you can never be too safe. 

Dan enjoying a victory ride on this tire horse swing.

Boating and four wheeling are two very popular activities in Utah. For any out of state college students here in Utah here's a suggestion: make friends with awesome people in the area who will take you out with them. Another key to really enjoying your summer in Utah: keep your Fridays open whenever possible because that's when the craziest stuff goes down.    


  1. That was SO much fun! and I'm happy to see you have my legit wakeboarding success pic posted as well as the victory ride :) best weekend ever...

  2. Wow! You have WAY too much fun!! I love reading about all your fun and crazy adventures. Your excitement for life is contagious!