Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sandboarding the Oak City Sand Dunes

Winter in Provo doesn't exactly offer a plethora of outdoor activities unless you want to blow all your cash on lift tickets.  When you're going stir crazy on a weekend in February (or any time of year really) you may consider a two hour drive south to the O.C. sand dunes. You may be thinking that Orange County is a little further than a two hour drive from Provo.  I'm talking about the real O.C., Oak City.  Warmer temperatures and awesome sand dunes provide hours of fun.  All you need is something on which to slide down e.g. toboggan, skis, snow skate, wheelchair...? Possibilities are endless. 

 The maiden voyage went as follows...
Contrary to popular belief, sand dunes are not wheelchair accessible...at least not without a few modifications. 

Constructing a wheelchair ski was the next matter of business. Huge success. Anyone attempting this may want to fasten the skis to the wheelchair with something other than duct tape.   

 The $14 snow skate from Savers turned out to be a good buy.  

Still shots of the sandboarding turned out to be the most successful part of the trip. 

Pioneer ruins from the 1850's right off hwy 132.  An essential stop on the way down to the O.C.

Video courtesy of Youtube user calebsl1. 
Pretty much all the videos will be coming from him.
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  1. Oh man, you are soooo crazy!! I can't wait to hear about all your adventures - it's always nice to have a good laugh!!