Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bonneville Salt Flat Skiing

When you're thinking about spending another Saturday at home, think again.  Go to the nearest thrift store and pick up a pair of snow skis for $5.  So what if the bindings are loose.  Then drive out to the world famous Bonneville Salt Flats, and tow each other around behind your car.  This is great fun and definitely more thrilling than water skiing or snow skiing.  Make sure to go during a dry time of the year so your car doesn't get stuck and also so the skis will glide smoothly across the salt. The area just north of the west bound rest stop worked great and was more dry than other areas we tried. 
 Our first stop at the salt flats was the famous "tree."  

               As it turns out, when the "leaves" fall it makes a superb, although oddly shaped half pipe. Should have brought a skate board. 

Just needed to check and make sure the salt flats were indeed salty.

Then the real adventure began: skiing behind the car. 

With a handle made of two wooden spoons duct taped together attached to some rock climbing webbing,                  we were able to reach speeds of up to 55 mph.

Video compliments of Youtube user Calebsl1 who crashed at 55 mph and only suffered some salt rash.  I would've got the crash on video but I was looking away telling the driver to stop.  
Salt skiing: it's the new thing. 


  1. Canyon, It's fun that you've started a blog. Love your posts so far and the cute pink outfit :) Can't wait to read more.

  2. did you have to get a permit or anything to drive along the flats? is anyone allowed to just drive out on them?

    1. We drove right off the highway onto the salt flats in three different locations and didn't see any signs saying not to, so I'm fairly certain it's legal. Just make sure you don't go in an area with any water because vehicles can get stuck. The area just north of the westbound rest stop was more dry than the other areas we tried and worked great. I believe it's around mile marker 10.