Sunday, May 18, 2014

Blarney Canyon

Sequential video edit descending Blarney Canyon.
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Blarney Canyon is located off of Highway 95 in Southern Utah in the North Wash Area. One of the best parts of this canyon is that you can park right at the mouth of the canyon so the approach hike is relatively short. 
There are two 40 foot rappels so a 100 foot rope works great. The canyon offers a lot of stemming and downclimbing through some tight spaces and of course some amazing scenery. 



The trailhead is a great place to camp for a single group but the three times I've been down to North Wash, it has already been taken. There is a large camping area by the mouth of Sandthrax Canyon less than a mile down the road. There are a few other places to camp in the area for a single group seeking a little isolation: The mouth of Leprechaun Canyon, Morocco Canyon and Butler Canyon. 
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