Sunday, November 17, 2013

First Time Paragliding

Whenever you drive by point of the mountain there are always people paragliding and naturally I've always wanted to try it. After meeting the owner of Two Can Fly Paragliding, I finally had the chance.

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Unlike skydiving you can take a beginner lesson and learn to fly solo. Going tandem on something like that just seems degrading so that was the main draw for me. Don't worry, there is ample instruction and practice before you even get off the ground. As you start to get more comfortable, you start launching from higher and higher up the hill. For the beginner lesson, the highest you get is probably 60 feet off the ground which is still a lot of fun. For the second time lesson however, you can start from the top of the hill. 
I highly recommend it.


It was pretty exhausting carrying your harness and chute back up the hill each time.

Thanks to our instructor, Alex and Two Can Fly Paragliding. 
Check out their website at

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