Sunday, March 31, 2013

Utah Lake Ice-ventures

Sometimes in the winter when you're too poor to go skiing or snowboarding, you start to get some serious cabin fever. When you get cabin fever, you start to come up with some creative (and sometimes really stupid) ideas. 

Last weekend we decided to cross Utah Lake on the ice to the south mountain point near Lincoln Beach Marina. We discovered that there are some hot springs at the point there which were actually pretty warm even though the rest of the lake was frozen over. There were also some really cool formations in the ice where it had come together and broken up. 

Then sometimes you just get the urge to do something really crazy, so you break a hole through the ice and take a polar plunge. 
I experienced the "screaming barfies" when my hands started to regain feeling. I didn't actually throw up from the pain, but it was excruciating and lasted for almost half an hour. I still don't have feeling in three fingertips on my right hand. I hope it isn't permanent. I don't know if anyone reading this is stupid enough to actually try it but if you jump through the ice, make sure it's in a spot where there's not a current. 

Trying to get warm after sitting in the water.

Coming up with fun date ideas can also be difficult in the winter. We set up some ice bowling on the Provo river right where it enters Utah Lake for a group date. There was a big section that had been cleared and there were a lot of ice skate marks on the ice. It was a lot of fun, and it turns out that the ice there has even less friction than an oiled bowling alley. There was also a group doing some curling and another time we saw some people playing hockey. Just make sure the ice is thick enough, especially on the river. If you want to clear a section of ice and smooth it out, but you don't happen to have a Zamboni, just shovel the snow off the surface and bring some jugs of water and some brooms. Once you clear off the snow, just pour the water on and sweep it around and you'll have a nice smooth surface. 

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